Happy birthday, Ryan!

Ryan Soderlin
Ryan Soderlin

Thursday, October 2, 2003


edit from Jan, 2006

Somehow, sometime, somewhere down the line the video that went with this entry got lost. It’s a shame. It was a doozy. I entered a rather lovely photo of Ryan to take it’s place.


I’m clearly not a videographer. That is apparent when this little video starts out………vertically. It is kind of a large download (2,679 KB) and may take a while to appear on your screen. But for anybody who knows and loves Ryan Soderlin, the wait is well worth it. My hand and I paid Ryan a surprise visit. Watch Ryan’s reaction when he gets his birthday goose.

Happy 30th, buddy!

(For those of you who have dial-up or otherwise slow internet access, you can hit CTRL-N (PC) or Apple-N (Mac) and open a new browser window. That way you can keep surfing while the movie continues to download. If you have dialup access, this is going to take a very long time. Seriously.)

Thanks for reading!


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