Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I had a blast photographing Brandy and Shelby in the historic old town of Brownville, Neb. Brownville is this quaint old town along the Missouri River and is Nebraska’s oldest town. It’s a charming little place where the arts are embraced along with the town’s history.

Towards the end of our session we went to an old, abandoned farmhouse that is perched atop a hill just outside Brownville. Brandy and Shelby were both awesome sports and willing to try just about anything I suggested. During twighlight I thought it might be cool to have them in the house. I was going to use a remote light to light it up and shoot them through the window from outdoors.

As we approached the door, the faint scent of skunk and visual contact with a bat made us think otherwise. I think the photos we took outside suited us just fine!

Later that night I stayed with my in-laws on their farm near Tecumseh. Ironically, their dog got sprayed by a skunk that very night. It made me appreciate our decision to keep the photo session outdoors.

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